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Thanks for the update - sounds like I missed a good time there despite the
It's all about materials, materials, and more's good to see
this issue being 3D with the Optoform purchase and DSM

Glenn Whiteside

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> Sunny Florida turned out to be false but the meeting itself was
> great. Over 270+ attended the meeting and as usual I learned more than I
> expected....... While my notes are less than organized maybe I can make
> some sense of them.
> What's new..............
> I did see a few faces wearing new company names on their name badges.
> The Viper----neat system that seems be be based on NASUG's wish list. The
> system should make our old SLA's obsolete at some future point. It will
> interesting to see how the beta sites perform. The ANACONDA version is
> out later ( just joking).
> WATER CLEAR resins from DSM....... REALLY CLEAR....
> Ceramic material from DSM.... heavy, good surface finish to touch... did
> not hear about other properties...I just touched it and picked it up.
> Custom color resins even for Q-cast..........
> The European Excellence Award winner spoke on Direct Metal Encapsulated
> parts......... Design Research Center was the winner.
> 3D is focusing on Motorsports as an industry. Seems to be selling them
> 7000s. All but one Formula one teams own a SLA and most own multiples.
> Even after all these years I enjoyed the session with Dave Flynn and Steve
> Hanna on Practical Accuacy.
> The night out was a blast as usual. Our shirts spoke for themselves. Only
> the hearty from the polar regions gathered around the bonfire.
> The Excellence Award went to none other than Boris Fritz and crew. Boris'
> group always challenges the technology to greater heights. The
> participants were great this year as usual. I should have taken notes
> during the parts fair but I did not.
> Did not get to stay for the wish list generation but the overall voting
> list was strong.
> What was missing....application speakers.
> Why is this important? When people speak in the public arena the
> information becomes apart of the public domain. This information keeps
> technology from becoming landlocked by over enthusiastic patent prospects
> such as trying to patent the use of RP models for wind tunnel
> medical purposes, tooling, etc. The technology will be driven
> underground. We all know what happens thennnnnn.. SO SPEAK UP or pay some
> joker for using your ideas.
> The users asked for some limited training session to make the trip more
> attractive for funding. It doesn't hurt to be able to build the ole
> considering the announced cutbacks.
> Oh well, I look forward to Huntsville next week and then Cincinatti.

> Elaine
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