Re: Off Topic: Printing HPGL files

From: Markus Hitter (
Date: Wed Mar 28 2001 - 13:26:26 EEST

Am Mittwoch, März 28, 2001, um 11:51 AM, schrieb Hamish Hawthorn:

> I have an old programme that prints out HPGL (plotter) files on an old
> inkjet - unfortunately the printer has just given up the ghost and my new
> printer does not work with the old software.
> Does anyone know of a utility that will allow me to convert old HPGL files
> to something that I can print out?

On UNIX, you may want to look for "hp2xx".

For the Macintosh, GraphicConverter does a good job, once the "pens" are calibrated.

Markus Hitter
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