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Date: Wed Mar 28 2001 - 17:21:41 EEST


Where I work the engineering drawings are archived in HPGL format and we
view them through a program called Preview. When I want to pass them on to
a vendor or someone in procurement, I simply insert the picture into a Word
document. The standard import filters for Word won't handle HPGL but if you
go to this article
( you'll find
the file Hpgl32.exe which gives you the converter. It's rough workaround
but it works.

Dan Eifert
Lockheed Martin - Orlando
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I have an old programme that prints out HPGL (plotter) files on an old
inkjet - unfortunately the printer has just given up the ghost and my new
printer does not work with the old software.

Does anyone know of a utility that will allow me to convert old HPGL files
to something that I can print out?

Thanks in advance,

Hamish Hawthorn
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