RE: Bubbles in Resin Vat

From: Brad Hauptmann (
Date: Wed Mar 28 2001 - 20:33:18 EEST

We used to run 7100 and had bubble problems at times and Somos provided us
with some kind of agent to add into the vat which helped.

I am now running Vantico 7520 and 7540 and still have bubble problems, more
so in the 7520. 3D has told me they have nothing to add to the vat to help.
Mainly, the bubbles show up when we start a job immediately after a previous
build. It helps to wait about an hour (if you have time) between jobs to
allow the bubbles to dissipate. Otherwise, the best method I have found is
probably what you are already doing...Wipe them out with a paper towel.
Another method I use is to sink the platform about 5 inches, sweep the blade
to the back of the vat (taking the bubbles with it), then return the
platform to start position. When the platform raises it will push any
bubbles left to the sides.

I have heard that some use a hot air blow dryer to pop them. I am hesitant
to put any excess heat on my resin though.

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Subject: Bubbles in Resin Vat

I have a problem with bubbles in the resin during builds. I know it sounds
little silly at first, but this does have consequences in part quality and
personnel utilization (someone has to be on "bubble popping patrol" at the
of builds).

I am running SLA-250's with Doctor blades and SLA-500's with Zephyr blades.
Resins are Somos 7100/7110/7120, 8110/8100, and 9100. Supports are
via Lightyear 1.1 w/ SP1.

The problems are twofold. First, during the initial support building phase,
lot of bubbles can knock out supports and cause "mounding," leading to a
Second is the problem of small bubbles becoming cured into the parts. This
seems to happen most with the Doctor blades as the tend to comb larger
through the Finepoint supports to create ever smaller bubbles. These small
bubbles are virtually impossible to clear from the vat once they have
This doesn't seem to occur with Zephyr blades as a single pass (maybe two)
usually clears all bubbles.

Does anyone else have trouble this? Has anyone come up with any good
for it?

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