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Re: gray scale recognitaion?I have 2 induction furnaces for sale. A Lepel
20KwA, 450 Mhz machine and a Lepel 2.5 KwA, 450 KhZ.

Small Lepel 2.5 Kw machine:

This is a very good condition Lepel Model T-2.5--1-MC-BW. This is

a megacycle machine. Runs on single phase 220V. The machine goes up to

450 kHz. It has 2.5 kW power. There are 2 coils with the machine, one goes

from 2.5 to 5 mHz, the other from 5 to 8 mHz. This item is great for
hardening tools. It is used to quickly harden a metal surface.

Can also be used for melting Glass. There is 20lb of glass rod that comes
with furnace.

It has a lexan box on the front for purging the atmosphere.

Large 20 KvA Lepel:

This is a mint condition Lepel Induction Furnace. It was only used a handful
of time and is about 7 to 8 years old. Used for Hardening Metal Surfaces

Can also be used for melting Glass. There is 20lb of glass rod that comes
with furnace.

Model is T-20-3-KC-TL Serial #8503J42

It take 480V 3phase 58 amps. Type DWG-T 2001-208

This machine is on wheels. With a coil and the proper shielding it will melt
50lbs of bronze.

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    vous pouvez demander a


    I have a client looking for someone who can do the creation of a 3d file
from a photo of a persons face. They would be looking to take the file and
make a part from it, possibly via Vacuum forming.

    I remember a thread regarding these applications some time ago but could
not find anything in the archives. Any help would be appreciated.


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