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Date: Thu Mar 29 2001 - 18:22:50 EEST

All of the defaults associated with the zephyr recoat system performs deep dips during the support phase of the build. I currently use a 6.25mm dip distance for the first 10.2mm of my builds on both my SLA3500 and SLA250/50. Seldom do I experience any problems with bubbles using the techniques I have previously described. However, as some may have suggested, this may be an inherit problem with the DSM Somos resin(s).

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We had this discussion at the 3D Systems User's Conference. Also, try changing your dip velocity and acceleration form .2 to .1.
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> Jeff,
> Bubbles form during the deep dip stage of recoating used with the doctor
> blade. When I had looked at this (a few years ago now - pre-finepoint
> supports) the bubbles were pushed away from the part, and it was rare for
> the bubbles to be trapped. Zephyr doesn't do a deep dip, so the bubbles
> are not created to start with.
> I don't have a definite solution for getting rid of bubbles, but would
> suggest trying just using deep dip for the first 6-7mm of z (however tall
> you make your supports), if you aren't doing so already. This should stop
> the formation of a lot of small bubbles. Once bubbles have formed in the
> solid part, they tend to breed more bubbles above themselves.
> During my research I had also developed a non contact imaging system which
> looked at the liquid resin surface, and determined if there were any
> disturbances (excess resin, bubbles, SL debris) on the surface. As
> imperfections on the surface of the resin being cured in place is one of
> the causes of build crashes, being able to spot these gives you the
> opportunity to do something about it - switch to deep dip for example,
> which will build past the problem area (although it may introduce
> bubbles). I should say that this hasn't been commercialised (and I am no
> longer directly working full time on RP), so some work still needs to be
> done, but feel free to get in contact if you would like some more
> information.
> John Male
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> (ex CRDM)
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> Subject: Bubbles in Resin Vat
> I have a problem with bubbles in the resin during builds. I know it
> sounds a
> little silly at first, but this does have consequences in part quality and
> personnel utilization (someone has to be on "bubble popping patrol" at the
> start
> of builds).
> I am running SLA-250's with Doctor blades and SLA-500's with Zephyr
> blades.
> Resins are Somos 7100/7110/7120, 8110/8100, and 9100. Supports are
> Finepoint
> via Lightyear 1.1 w/ SP1.
> The problems are twofold. First, during the initial support building
> phase, a
> lot of bubbles can knock out supports and cause "mounding," leading to a
> crash.
> Second is the problem of small bubbles becoming cured into the parts.
> This
> seems to happen most with the Doctor blades as the tend to comb larger
> bubbles
> through the Finepoint supports to create ever smaller bubbles. These
> small
> bubbles are virtually impossible to clear from the vat once they have
> formed.
> This doesn't seem to occur with Zephyr blades as a single pass (maybe two)
> usually clears all bubbles.
> Does anyone else have trouble this? Has anyone come up with any good
> solutions
> for it?
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