RE: scale and warpage of sls

From: Neil Hopkinson (
Date: Mon Apr 02 2001 - 12:09:17 EEST

I am interested in your comment that "injection
moulding design rules apply" when using sls with polymers. Are you referring
to overall shrinkage factors or are you talking about rules regarding
geometry limitations etc?
Are sls parts prone to sinking in thick sections?
Should variable wall thicknesses be avoided with sls?
Are there limits to thin wall thickness?
Any other useful information to be shared?


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About curling : rotating parts 5 in x and y helps a lot, reducing size of
the scanned slice. Anyway, SLS parts are plastic parts and injection
moulding design rules applies : if your parts are correctly designed for
this process, they will not curl much more than if made with the true

for scaling, the open source software ADmesh allows scaling of STL files. I
already wrote a version allowing non uniform scaling. I guess it will be
quite simple to introduce variable scaling.

Denis Bonnenfant

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