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From: Greg Pettengill (
Date: Wed May 16 2001 - 13:54:46 EEST

Dear RPML,
Have I wandered into uncharted territory very close to home? :-)
I was working with Imageware before it became part of SDRC, which call it I-DEAS Freeform. It is a powerful system and likely to be quite expensive though I do not at this time now how much it sells for.

Both packages you mention are certainly candidates for this area. Materialise Mimics' suite of software is the industry standard, but probably more like $30,000 ( You might also look into a program called Analyze ( We do this type of work all the time, let me know if we can be of any assistance.
Best regards,
Andy Christensen
Medical Modeling LLC


Hendrik John Wrote;
check Voxim from IVS-Solutions in Germany: <>
because the SW is very complex and a professional tool, it is not the
What I know is about 22.000 EURO; but please contact them directly!

Hendrik John


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  Dear Greg
  we use Mimics from materialise here at Liverpool its very simple to use and produces STLs very quickly from MRI/CT data
  Best Regards
  Dr. Chris Sutcliffe

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    Dear RPML,

        Is there a source for evaluations, reviews or critiques of software for Medical Imaging and RP?

        So far I have identified two different programs that appear to do what I need.
      a.. Velocity 2 Pro from Image3, LLC. $4,955
      b.. 3D-DOCTOR from Abel Software Corp. $4,800
    I am particularly interested in being able to use MRI scan data in the DICOM 3 format.

    Best Regards
    Greg Pettengill
    Cote' Art & Engineering

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