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From: Chris Maeder (
Date: Mon Apr 02 2001 - 18:30:34 EEST

Hi Doug,

The software that will help you take a point cloud to NURBs is Paraform
( Paraform's unique way of defining NURBs patch areas is
well suited for down-stream applications like Rhino. The user has complete
control over the size, shape and location of the NURBs patches. Both
geometric and tangential continuity at patch boundaries is ensured.

Other tools like Feature Detection help the user locate features and
automatically generate patch boundaries that "flow" with the feature. If
you have scans of similar parts you can take advantage of Paraform's Dynamic
Templates. This tool allows you to re-use a NURBs patch layout from one
scan to another, thus ensuring consistant results and saving time.

The software is optimized for large datasets. There is no limit to the
number of points in your scan. For future reference, Paraform also has an
Inspection tool (Compare "as designed" to "as manufactured") and other tools
for manufacturing like Automatic Parting Line Creation and Surface

Hope this helps.

Chris Maeder
Sr. Application Engineer
Paraform - Los Angeles
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  I am in need of a way to convert point cloud data into NURBS surfaces. I
am working with a Vivid700 Minolta
  scanner and need a way to bring the point cloud data into Rhinoceros &
manipulate it. Your help is greatly appreciated.

  Thank you in advance,
  Doug Buci

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