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Date: Mon Apr 02 2001 - 18:36:59 EEST

        You will need to define the area little more narrowly in terms of what you
want. There are three things that come to mind

a) Surface extraction : This is basically Marching cubes based algorithm.
Look at vtk (Visualization Toolkit) -- easily searched on the web.
b) Surface FEature extraction from volume segmentation methods (vs surface):
There is Velocity 2 Pro from Image3, LLC. $4,955
3D-DOCTOR from Abel Software Corp. $4,800

c) Pure visualization: Basically ray casting based software. MERL
(Mitsubishi Elctric) has created a board with enuf onboard memory to ray
cast and view voxel data in real time. If this is the user interface you are
looking for then go for it. I have one of those boards. You can select the
transfer functions on the fly and color different parts based on opacity

Let me know what you are planning and may be I can give you further advice.


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>> Dear Colleagues
>> I am currently running a research project that could make
>> use of a voxel
>> modelling system. We will need to generate some new algorithms but a
>> system that has an existing user interface would save us a
>> lot of time.
>> Can anyone recommend some software that they have used in
>> their research?
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