RE: AMD 4.0 stl settings

From: Kwok Kai Thong, Mariner (kaithong@TP.EDU.SG)
Date: Tue Apr 03 2001 - 12:36:17 EEST

What is the the "Facetres" setting on your AMD? I usually use 6 for most of
my parts (depending on your part szie) unless I am using the STL file for
CNC machining. You may have set your parameter too large, I think the max.
is 10 you can set on AMD. You may want to export your STL file with various
setting and read it in to a STL viewer to check whether the setting is
suitable for your proto typing. I use Solidview to check the integrity of
my file once I have exported it out to STL. At least I know where my
comfort level is for certain size and that my proto type will be excepted
once manufactured.
Mariner Kwok
Temasek Engineering School
Temasek Polytechnic

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Subject: AMD 4.0 stl settings

Dear All,
a customer of ours is trying to create an stl file for a small component.
Normally I would have estimated only 1/2 a meg for the file size only they
are coming out with a binary file size of 27Mb.
Can anyone give me some optimum settings for the following parameters from
AutoDesk Mechanical Desktop 4.0
Angular Tolerance
Aspect Ratio
Surface Tolerance
Vertex Spacing
Thanks in Advance
Ross Nicholls
General Manager
Malcolm Nicholls Limited
Waterloo Ind. Est.
B50 4JH
T 01789 490382
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