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Have you looked at the Lidar ( and Mensi (
systems. You would need to check the accuracy against your requirements, but
they are systems designed to capture large objects (even oil rigs).

The point cloud data from these systems can be read into our CopyCAD
( & software for either triangle model
creation or surface modelling. At present we are working on projects using
both of these systems.

Chris Lawrie

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Hi everyone,

We have a project where we need to get 3D data of an aircrafts surface in
specific, small areas. Our intent is to plaster cast the surfaces and then
have them laser scanned for CAD use. Works great on the top facing
surfaces, but gravity is working against us in the down facing surfaces. We
have considered laser scanning the aircraft itself, but this requires a
steady, stationary structure to be built because some of these surfaces are
quite high off the ground. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how we
can take castings of these surfaces or scan them directly off the aircraft?


Wayne Foss
Materials & Process Engineer
Rockwell Collins, Inc.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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