Rapid Manufacturing Center Meeting

From: Brent Stucker (stucker@uri.edu)
Date: Wed Apr 04 2001 - 02:48:30 EEST

I am writing you as a member of the RPML to invite you to the Rapid
Manufacturing Center meeting at the University of Rhode Island this April
20th from 8:30-3:00 in Kingston, Rhode Island. Typically these meetings are
open to RMC members only, but in the interest of new member recruitment, we
are opening up this meeting to any interested individuals. Feel free to
pass this invitation on to anyone who might be interested.

The Rapid Manufacturing Center is an Industry/University Collaborative
Research Center. We focus our efforts on the intersection between Rapid
Manufacturing Technologies and Advanced Ceramic/Metal materials and their
applications. At this time the primary applications we are focused on
include tooling for injection molding and die casting. This involves
material development and software development to make possible the
fabrication of production quality tooling that exceeds the capabilities of
current production tooling in both cycle time and tool life.

Located at our center we have two Optomec Direct Metal Deposition LENS
machines (one LENS 750 and one LENS 850), a DTM Sinterstation 2500plus and
multiple high temperature furnaces for materials processing. These
facilities make the RMC arguably one of the best in the world for pursuing
advanced material fabrication from rapid prototyping methodologies. Feel
free to check out the website link in my signature for more information on
the RMC. The preliminary agenda for the meeting is:

8:30-9:30 -- Breakfast pastries, registration, and...
                        Lab tour of the Rapid Manufacturing facilities
9:30-12:00 -- Presentations of on-going research activities:
                        Injection mold tooling results
                        Die cast inserts results
                        Software for finishing rapid prototyped parts
                        New developments with Laser Engineered Net Shaping
                        Plans for developing cost models for determining when to
                                use rapid tooling in place of traditional tooling
                        Recent results with EDM electrode materials
                        Optimized Structure Fabrication
                        And more...

12:00-1:30 -- Working Lunch with Presentations Continuing

1:30-3:00 -- Parallel Sessions
                        Members-only discussion on future research
                        Non-member discussion and Q&A on RMC Membership benefits
                        and ongoing research activities.

If you would like to attend, I will forward you information on lodging and
directions to our facilities. I hope to see you on the 20th.


Brent Stucker

Dr. Brent Stucker, Director & Asst. Professor
Rapid Manufacturing Center
University of Rhode Island
Dept. of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Gilbreth Hall, 2 East Alumni Ave.
Kingston, RI 02881
ph: (401)874-5187
fax: (401)874-5540
web: http://www.egr.uri.edu/ime/RMC
ftp: rmc1.ime.uri.edu (anonymous login)

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