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From: SFF Symposium (sffsymp@uts.cc.utexas.edu)
Date: Wed Apr 04 2001 - 17:00:00 EEST

April 4, 2001

Dear Participant:

We would like to remind you that the abstract deadline for the 12th
Annual Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium is April 17, 2001. If
you intend to send in an abstract, please do so as soon as possible.
You may submit your abstract by electronic mail (respond to this
email message) or using the World Wide Web. More information on this
meeting is available at the web site (http://lff.me.utexas.edu) and
by request (email: sffsymp@uts.cc.utexas.edu or fax: +512-471-7681).

The Organizing Committee for the SFF Symposium is pleased to announce
a special session at this year's meeting reflecting the current
status of research and serving a driving function for future
directions. The "State of Solid Freeform Fabrication" plenary
session is set for Tuesday morning, August 7, 2001.

"Solid Freeform Fabrication: A Historical Perspective"
Joe Beaman, The Laboratory for Freeform Fabrication and Mechanical
Engineering Department, The University of Texas at Austin

"What comes after .STL? New Layered Manufacturing Standards"
Kevin W. Lyons, Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory, National
Institute of Standards and Technology

"Manufacturing By Solid Freeform Fabrication"
Emanuel Sachs, Mechanical Engineering Department, Massachusetts
Institute of Technology

"Integration of Solid Freeform Fabrication in Design"
Phill Dickens, Department of Engineering and Technology, De Montfort
University, England

"The Future of Solid Freeform Fabrication"
Fritz Prinz, Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Materials
Science and Engineering, Stanford University

If you have any questions, please let me know. Publishing
information is available at the web site. The deadline for paper
submissions is July 17, 2001. We look forward to your participation.

David L. Bourell
Temple Foundation Professor

Rosalie Foster
SFF Symposium Coordinator

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