Re: Scanning an aircraft

From: akintayo a adewole fac/staff (
Date: Thu Apr 05 2001 - 18:06:38 EEST

Sorry about the blank email....

I have a suggestion for scanning your aircraft, or any large bodied
surface of a vehicle or the like. What about using a digitizer? Here
at NJIT we have a Microscribe 3DX digitzer ( which
we use for for reverse engineering complex surfaces. It directly
interfaces with a software called Rhinoceros (, which
allows us to create and manipulate using the digitized data. It sure
beats plastering and then laser scanning. Digitizing would be a one
step solution. Please let me know if this is possible for your
application. I would love to share more info with you.

Akintayo Adewole
Mechanical Engineer
NJIT Center for Manufacturing Systems

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