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Date: Fri Apr 06 2001 - 12:34:24 EEST

Dear Fernando

Please send me a copy of the omitted attachments and we will send you a quote for this project using Swiftool. Zipped binary STL files are best if you have these available.

Metal pin inserts and high temp. materials are no problem - provided the master pattern is within tolerance and correctly scaled (whether CNC, small spot SLA, etc.) then your moulded parts will be as required.

We can advise as to some possible inj. moulding material options once we run the moldflows etc.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards


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>>> Fernando Certo Simes <> 06/04/01 09:43:59 >>>
Dear Colleagues,

I'm working at the moment in the development the following electronic components (see attachment), I was wondering if the RP or RT technologies that we discuss over here could be feasible, and cost effective, for prototyping this kind of geometries.
We have the need to produce prototype parts, with metal pins inserted so we can make some mechanical and electronic tests, and some marketing, before having the final injection molding parts.

There are some important aspects to consider:
- The overall dimensions are generally small (< 20mm) and the parts must be accurate (< 0,1mm);
- The part should be made of high thermal resistance material (about 250-300C);
- They must have some flexibility, since sometimes they must fit each other;
- They must have metal pins inserted, for electric contact with PCB's;

Does anyone have experience this kind of work?

Any help would be appreciated,
Thanks in Advance,
Fernando Certo Simes - Design Engineer
Components Division - Inductive Components
S. Gabriel
2750 Cascais

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