strange dreams and visions

From: Elaine Hunt (
Date: Tue Apr 10 2001 - 15:37:34 EEST

Visions come to me at the strangest time such as what in the world is rapid
prototyping coming to......
Last night I saw the SME/RPA becoming one giant NASUG meeting.
As SME's site coordinator Tom Sorovetz was more powerful than world leaders.
Austin's SFF went away since there will be no need for research anymore.
RPA became the RPAA - rapid prototyping advertising agency.
GARPA became the RP worker's union protesting global job cuts.
RPML became the underground public domain of RP applications.
New technology developers were left with no venue to talk about their
products oh my that's already happening.

Oh well back into the real world.........for now.


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