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The 2001 World Machine-Tool Survey At A Glance

Total World Output: $36.8-billion in 2000, up 2.8% compared to the
$35.8-billion shipped by those same 29 countries in 1999.

Top Producing Country: Germany, which led the world in 1999, fell to second
spot as Japan's industrial
ecovery gained momentum during 2000. With the exception of 1999, Japan has
led the pack since 1982
(Germany came close to unseating it in 1987). The United States, Italy, and
China round out the top five
  producing countries, with no change to their respective rankings from the
last survey.

Biggest Consumer: the United States, with a $7.1-billion appetite for
metalcutting and metalforming machines,
  acquired 19% of the output total. Germany is next, followed by China and
Italy. South Korea made a comeback
last year; its metalworking factories bought domestic and imported machines
at a pace more than 60% higher than in 1999.

Aggressive Exporters: The Swiss, among the world's leading machine-tool
producing countries, export the
equivalent of 86% of their domestic production.

Importers: Including machines brought in for subsequent re-export, the
British imported nearly 100% of their domestic consumption.

Best machine-tool-trade balance: Japan, which had a surplus of exports over
imports totaling nearly $6-billion. That was more than $1- billion better
than in 1999.

Worst trade balance: the U.S., which ran a $3- billion deficit.

Per-capita consumption: The Swiss last year purchased nearly $130 worth of
machines for every person in the

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