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From: Martin CM Wong [IC] (
Date: Wed Apr 11 2001 - 05:49:35 EEST

Dear Ian,

We have similar problem in the HK PolyU. There are several months in HK not suitable to use the Zcorp machine and the green parts are just to fragile for handling. What we do is to dehydrate the powder before the build and a chemical dehumidifier is placed inside the chamber. The dehydration method we used is put the powder in our vacuum machine.


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>>> Ian Gibson <> 4/11/01 9:55:33 AM >>>
Dear rp-ml

It's very humid here in HK at the moment and parts coming off one of our
Z402 machines are extremely floppy. They are using the starch powder and I
noticed it appeared to be sticking together as if damp. This is fresh
powder, but I note that it was stored openly in paper bags. Parts coming
off the machine exhibited a strong odour.

Is the damp causing the parts to be weak? If so, is it possible to dry out
the powder so that it can be re-used?


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