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Date: Tue Apr 17 2001 - 01:41:26 EEST

Do You want to make $800,000 in 20-90 days? Well, here is your chance. This
is a pyramid scheme and it is completely legal! All you have to do is send
$1 to each of the six names listed below, and you need to add your name to
the number 6 spot and move the number 6 to number 5 and the number 5 to
number 4 etc, and send this letter out to as many people as you want. I have
made almost $800,000(eight hundred thousand) in the 10 weeks its been now
and you can too! And guess what, I am only 15. Just follow the above
instuctions and your making thousands in a matter of days! Wow!

1. Marvin Baxter 1755 Russle Rd. Shreveport, La 71107
2. Sybil Beddingfield 421 Ferncliffe Circle Elgin, S.C. 29045
3. Mark Dow 2606 Cardinal Circle Cheboygen, Me 49731
4. A.R. Sallee 100 E. Passageview Rd. Shelton Wa 98584
5 LaRoyce Harniss 534 South Lewis St. Monroe, Wa 98272
6 Charles Thomason 103 Deerwood Dr. Hendersonville Tn 37075

Add your name above and replace the names. A little hint, don't send this to
your friends, they'll just think your bumming moey off them. Go search on
the web for a mailing list and send it to people you don't know. So how
much is this going to cost you, well lets see, $6 to send to each address,
$2.04 for stamps, and about 30 cents for envelopes. Your total comes to.....
$8.34 wow! $8.34 for thousands of dollars in a few weeks. Thats amazing.
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