New resin for SLA 7000

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Date: Tue Apr 17 2001 - 10:07:55 EEST

RPC announced the commercial release of RPCure 700 ND, the first in a series of resins that are designed especially for the SLA 7000
RPCure 700 ND is a strong, durable general purpose resin that can be used for all common stereolithography applications, e.g. patterns for RTV molding, QuickCast, etc. Its high photosensitivity, high green strength, short z-wait-time, and elimination of predip delays makes it a very fast efficient resin for the SLA 7000 in all atmospheric conditions.

RPC is pleased that Shared Replicators, Inc. assisted in the testing of the first RPC resin formulated for the SLA 7000. Shared Replicators operates an advanced Solid Imaging Laboratory equipped with an SLA 7000 in Tulsa, Oklahoma and is a strategic alliance partner with RPC. "We are impressed with the professional and efficient way this testing was performed at Shared Replicators Lab and how fast we could bring this product to market", RPC's president Bettina Steinmann said. In addition to SLA 7000 resin development support, Shared Replicators and RPC have joined forces to develop the next generation of advanced structural composites. "If technologies like stereolithography and related methods of CAD driven freeform fabrication are to evolve and take their place as standard production processes in the 21st Century, it will be due in large part to visionaries like Dr. Steinmann and her colleagues with RPC who dedicate their resources and talents to the development of the materials that will be necessary for these new manufacturing systems to compete with traditional methods and materials", commented Ronald Jones, Shared Replicators' President. "The smooth way in which the testing of the RPCure 700 ND was carried out and the outstanding teamwork and ease of collaboration that prevailed demonstrates that our confidence in RPC is well placed and we look forward to working together toward our common goals", Jason Dickman, VP Laboratory Operations for Shared Replicators said.
RPC is a privately owned dynamic company based in Marly, Switzerland. Its collaborators have extensive experience in the field of thermosetting materials, photopolymers and laser technology. Since the start of the company in 1997, RPC has developed a complete range of stereolithography resins and is actively participating in various international research projects.

For further information about RPCure 700 ND including properties, parameters, and pricing, please contact:

RPC Ltd.
PO Box 259
1723 Marly, Switzerland
Phone +41-26-439 95 90
Fax +41-26-439 95 99


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