RE: a concise description of a buildable RP file

From: Jonathan Chertok (
Date: Wed Apr 18 2001 - 19:34:30 EEST


I find Charles often has interesting information/questions for the list and
would like to follow up on his (and Vern's) posting.

Can anyone add information helpful to the "general public" about how to view
and look at an RP file? I have a series of rather complicated shapes, many
of which are buildable in RP and a couple of which I have found that there
may be some "difficulty" with building. This is perhaps due to the fact that
some are not straightforward masses or surfaces, but rather more intricate
shapes with points of contact etc.

Is there a viewer that the list finds helpful for non-technical RP people to
use to see what the machine sees, or is it just practical experience with
these machines which gives the expertise? Is two mm. an appropriate point of
contact, or I suppose this depends on the volume of the object that is being
supported and by how many points of suppost it has.

I understand the normal, watertight, bad triangle, duplicates etc - but what
are the professional recommendations giving the go ahead on a particular
file - is it simply to send them off and have someone look at them?


Jonathan chertok

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Check out our web site using the following link.

  Hope this helps.

Vern Carter
Creative Technical Solutions
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Indianapolis, IN 46250
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Subject: a concise description of a buildable RP file

Hello List,

I was hoping that someone had a concise description that I could use (either
plagiarize or with credit!) or even www link that I could use on our website
to describe what constitutes a buildable RP CAD file. I know that is a
REALLY loaded question that depends on the RP system and preprocessing
etc... but what I am looking for is a general way to explain to my clients,
architects, what a "watertight" .stl file is. I am not so worried about
the repair of bad normals etc but about the general concept.

Many thanks


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