It's RP time -- RPML Co-Op Part

From: Elaine Hunt (
Date: Wed Apr 25 2001 - 18:53:35 EEST

Subject: RPML Co-op Project for RP&M 2001

With less than three weeks to go it's time for a real rapid experience
which is where RP really showcases its benefits.

I posted the file for the inserts on in several
subdirectories so it would be easy to locate and download. The file name is and includes the following files Ainsert.stl, Binsert.stl and
Pinsert.doc ( the personalized insert design ).

The Pinsert.doc file is the design for the small personalized insert that
fits into the mold. Anyone interested can walk into the show with an insert
with your name, company or logo and we will mold personalized parts while
you wait.

If you or your company wishes to make an insert for use in this project,
please contact Joseph P. Frantz of FRANTZ INDUSTRIES, INC. E-mail: This project promotes all aspects of rapid tooling
while providing conference attendees a chance to see your rapid tooling
efforts first hand.

Also go to the following web site

Elaine Hunt

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