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Date: Thu Apr 26 2001 - 09:19:44 EEST


If you were able to set up a bank account or a credit card paying in
account, I would be happy to divert some of my hard-earned cash into it.
I'm also sure that many of the people who have benefitted greatly from
rp-ml would also do the same.


At 08:18 AM 4/26/01 +0300, you wrote:
>Hello friends
>A few words from your friendly administrator. This is somethiong I'd
>really like you all to read - after all it's about the future of rp-ml.
>To a new position
>As of Feb 28th 2001 HUT Lahti centre no longer supports RP research, so all
>of my team, including me, have moved to new positions, mainly outside
>HUT. I continue working with RP (essentially I continue my former work
>with this new organization) in my new position as a project manager in
>Institute for Design Research, Lahti Finland.
>Me leaving HUT means that there's a bit of a problem with rp-ml. HUT here
>in Lahti does not want to keep the service alive - in a way this is
>understandable since there really is no RP research at HUT Lahti centre
>anymore. That's it folks, it's been nice knowing you all... So long, and
>thanks for all the fish!
>Now that was nasty thing to do.... bad me - shame! Really, this IS NOT THE
>END OF RP-ML ! ! ! I'm currently looking for a place to relocate the
>rp-ml server. I'm devoted to carry on the administrative work and I'd like
>to keep rp-ml -and the server- close to me, it makes things a lot
>easier... Relocating the service may take a while since things like
>domain-names and network connections etc. take some time to process - and I
>have to spend some money (my own for a change) to get it done. But no
>worries, I still have friends at HUT, so rp-ml should not disappear - and
>in near future it will be transferred to a new server. Meanwhile we just
>have to get along with what we have...
>Now I must find a way to finance rp-ml - although it's only something like
>2000USD/year, my own (i.e personal, really from my own bank account) assets
>will not last for long... so if any of you would like to spend (donate,
>spend, even invest if you like) some money to keep the service alive - and
>become an Official rp-ml Sponsor - or if you have other suggestions...
>well, I'm listening.
>Now back to daily business.
>Let's keep up the good work and, what is most important,
>* Share and Enjoy! *
>Yours truly
>Hannu Kaikonen
>aka Rapid Dude
>btw. we are going to introduce a slightly shorter alias for our email
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