changing the rp-ml

From: jim quinn (
Date: Thu Apr 26 2001 - 20:06:59 EEST

Everyone -

I do not understand why it costs $2K for a list.
This has never popped up in any of the other lists
to which I am subscribed. Additionally, most are
covered by non-profit, gov't, or university places.
The lists which I do for my students do not cost anything.

Hence, it would make most sense to just switch the
list to another location.

There are about 1800 people subscribed. For a single
location, 3d+dtm represent the largest group. Maybe
they should offer the majordomo. of the
large universities should offer the majordomo.

Which ever majordomo is picked, I hope it bounces
all MIME attachments and HTML code.

total 1800+
stratasys 5
3dsystems 18
dtm-corp 9
.edu 146
.fi 26



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