RE: End of service...

Date: Thu Apr 26 2001 - 20:23:11 EEST

Hello all

We could always pass the plate next month in Cincinatti!

Seriously, I am all for contributions.
Just keep it SIMPLE, no pay for subscriptions unless you have to, it would
push away the new people who need to learn and read. One of the best
things about the RP-ML is it is a great resource to get the word out.

Compared to the cost of any machine or even software, $100 is the best RP
bargain arround. Less than one build volume of materials on our new Z corp
402C... for free advice, tech support and the best legacy of experience in
the industry.

Maybe run the list like public radio here in the US. Once a year you
interrupt the normal dialog and have an online list fund drive to remind
people its time to cough up some cash and then publish the names of those
who contribute. You could also have different levels of giving for more
kudos on that once a year list.

If someone can run the e-commerce services and cut Hannu a check, great.
That would be a wonderful contribution. If Hannu disappears to Bolivia
with the cash, instead of listening to us moan about viruses and duplicate
emails, well he has earned it, but I don't think he will.

Wish I could do more but in this case I will have to let my wallet do the
talking. I want the list to survive. Let me know what you need Hannu and
I will do my part.

Thanks for your years of service and best of luck in your new postition.


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