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Date: Fri Apr 27 2001 - 03:22:51 EEST

Very well said, Terry. Given that technology has changed considerably since
the list was initially started, many more options are available now than
there were before and some of them are cheaper if not free. It's not that
we are being cheap, but that there are other ways to go about it. But let's
not forget how much Hannu and Andre had to put into it to get to this point.
Thanks for the excellent service indeed.

Whatever Hannu and the list decides is fine with me as well. And if
donations are required, then put me down for $100.

Rob Connelly
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Hello everyone,

Many of you have proposed some good ideas and made kind offers. Hannu
Kaikonen (aka Rapid Dude) and Helsinki University of Technology (HUT) have
served as the list owner for several years. The list was "founded" in
Helsinki in 1993 by Andre Dolenc, then of HUT, so I'm sure that is one
reason why Hannu would like to see it remain in Finland. Andre, Hannu, and
others at HUT have provided eight years of excellent service at no cost to
you and me. In return, I feel that we owe him the respect to accept or
decline one of our offers before we "jump ship" and move to another mail
list server. Let's put the ball in his court and give him a few days to
consider the options. I'm sure he will propose a good solution that most
of us will like. He has never let us down in the past.


Terry Wohlers
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