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From: Chris Sutcliffe (c.j.sutcliffe@liverpool.ac.uk)
Date: Fri Apr 27 2001 - 11:01:26 EEST

test StationeryDear List

Forgive me if my memory is misbehaving but I can't remember a 3D (I'm not
counting you guys at DTM yet) employee replying direct to this list from
their company Email.........and you guys want them to sponsor the list,
there are lurkers and there are lurkers.

I note nice mails from Terry, Lex, Hannu and others (that memory again) but
I am disappointed by ALL the ones who say that Hannus task is easy or that
the service is somehow replaceable. Are these the guys who complain about
having to delete multi emails when someone has their mail account set up
incorrectly when the delete button is only a finger stretch and press away.

This list is administered by Hannu and is independent of sponsorship and/or
company bias until he says its not.....end of story.

Best Regards


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