SLA-250 Networking

From: Bruce (
Date: Fri Apr 27 2001 - 12:02:38 EEST

Thank you to all that responded to my request for help in getting our 250
communicating with our WIN2000 network.

I'm happy to report that we are now communicating directly with our
workstation that runs 3D LightYear. Special Thanks to William Ballmaier of
Scimitar Prototyping & Molding and Bruce Okkema of Eagle Design for their

For those that may be interested the following steps were taken to make the
proper connection.

1. Downloaded "Microsoft Network Client - Workgroup Connection" software for
        File MSWGCN.exe from

2. Installed Network Client for DOS on the SLA 250 computer.
        The network client software uses NetBEUI to communicate with the WIN NT4 /
WIN2000 network.
        Provide a computer name for the SLA250 system and the workgroup name as
prompted by the install program.

3. Remove references to PC-NFS from Autoexec.bat and Config.sys

4. Reboot the SLA250 system.

5. The 386Max program flagged one line that needed to be adjusted.
        The line that was flagged was in the "gosla.bat" file located in the 3DSYS
directory (may vary from machine to machine - I don't know.)

6. Reboot again

7. Make sure that NetBEUI is running on the LightYear workstation

8. Share the directory that contains the build files on the LightYear

9. At the SLA250, Type Net USE G: \\computername\shareddirectory /permanent
        where g: is any available drive letter on the SLA250, computername is the
machine where lightyear is running, and shareddirectory is the one with the
build files. The /permanent causes the drive to be mapped each time you
reboot the machine.

10. Now we can copy files directly from the LightYear machine to the
C:\Work directory on the SLA250. NO FTP required. No Duel Boot required!

Also much, much better than using PKZip and a bunch of diskettes!!

Thanks again for all the inputs.

Bruce LeMaster

Applied Rapid Technologies Corporation
265 Cambridge Street, Suite 100
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22405
(540)371-1100 / (540)371-4100 fax

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