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It depends on the technology, AND the size of the object or build table.
Tolerance can be measured and compared based on the "overall" size of the
object or based on the variance from a plotted vector.

For example, at the high end, my RapidToolmaker will place 0.003 inches
droplets within 0.0002 inches of a plotted vector. but, I doubt that this
will really answer you question....

What about the "ion beam" test in Japan that cut a 2 micron object outline
of a wine glass

If you re-state the question, your answers will make more sense...

good luck

Steven Adler CEO
Automated 3D Modeling
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> My question is
> Most rapid prototyping technologies can hold to
> tolerances of which approximate magnitude?
> a)0.1 inches
> b)0.050 inches
> c)0.010 inches
> d)0.001 inches
> The above given are the choices.Even my professor
> doesn't know the answer to it..
> Please answer this.
> Sincerely
> Tom
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