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From: Zubrickie, Robert F (
Date: Mon Apr 30 2001 - 15:51:19 EEST

I have an announcement to make. For those of you who know me, would
understand how much this Rapid Prototyping technology means to me. It is not
just my job but also an infatuation of mine. My daughter (Stacie) dropped
one on me last week; she announced to me that she would like to get married
on the next 3DNASUG cruise. I was not only shocked but also proud that she
would pick such an event, which hits my heart. I feel very proud of her and
her future husband (Isaac). They will be wed in Jamaica at the famous
waterfalls. Just imagine if I could go back and do my marriage all over
again. I would defiantly do the same. Talk about your daughter living your
dream. It's something to be proud of. This NASUG cruise is going to be very
special to my family and me. Hope to see many of you on the cruise. I
understand there are a lot of spaces available.

                        TYCO / ELECTRONICS
                                Communications Business Unit
                        | Robert F. Zubrickie
                        |Manufacturing Engineer
                        |Rapid Prototyping Area
                        |3101 Fulling Mill Road, MS 128-98
                        | Middletown, Pa 17057-3164
                        | E-Mail:
                        | Phone - (717) 592-5208
                        | Fax - (717) 592-4943

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