New Rapid Prototyping Book

From: Cooper, Ken (
Date: Tue May 01 2001 - 18:31:27 EEST

Hello RP Aficionados of the World,

I've recently published a book through Marcel Dekker, Inc. entitled "Rapid
Prototyping Technology: Selection and Application", ISBN: 0-8247-0261-1, 264
pgs, $135 USD.

Just some background on the text; I was hoping to deliver a Handbook-style
writing of most of the rapid prototyping technologies from a layman's
perspective...actually how each machine works on a mechanical level as well
as some applications of each. There is a dedicated chapter to each
individual technology (even some from years past), with an effort not to
gloss over any lesser known techniques.

If you are interested please check or with Marcel Dekker at


Ken Cooper
Rapid Prototyping
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