[rp-ml] Fwd: New Rapid Prototyping Book

From: Ken Cooper (pie_ums@hotmail.com)
Date: Wed May 02 2001 - 02:05:24 EEST

Sorry if it's a repeat...just covering both lists :-)

>Hello RP Aficionados of the World,
>I've recently published a book through Marcel Dekker, Inc. entitled "Rapid
>Prototyping Technology: Selection and Application", ISBN: 0-8247-0261-1,
>pgs, $135 USD.
>Just some background on the text; I was hoping to deliver a Handbook-style
>writing of most of the rapid prototyping technologies from a layman's
>perspective...actually how each machine works on a mechanical level as well
>as some applications of each. There is a dedicated chapter to each
>individual technology (even some from years past), with an effort not to
>gloss over any lesser known techniques.
>If you are interested please check Amazon.com or with Marcel Dekker at
>Ken Cooper
>Rapid Prototyping
>MSFC, AL 35812
>(256)544-8591 ph
>(256)544-8970 fax
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