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From: Michael Priest (
Date: Wed May 02 2001 - 00:58:14 EEST

Dear list

I appreciate the work that Hannu has done in the past and admire the
dedication of him wanting to carry on with the list. Thanks Terry and Elaine
for your common sense replies on this subject. Hannu has tried to keep this
list open to all, even to ex-RP lurkers like myself, who can still
participate occasionally.

We should remember that this list and its archives are an excellent source
of information for industrialists, academics and students alike. It's often
used used as an introduction to RP through search engines etc.

I reckon enough people are cut off from the sharing of RP information simply
because they don't have the correct funds to attend the right events, or
they aren't members of the right 'boys club'. Why put up more barriers and
suggest subscriptions to the list when there's a possibility of continuing
it free of charge? The current list allows access to all members if they
wish to reply, and a wealth of knowledge.

The suggestion of sponsorship from the big companies is ludicrous as they
currently lack participation and are likely to exclude the smaller
companies, who are able to add value to the list. Perhaps our short memories
forget how ruthless some of these big companies have been over the years.

The success of this excellent resource today is due to the effort of Hannu
and Andre, the fact that it is available to everyone, and it's independence
and neutrality.


M Priest

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Date: 27 April 2001 08:17
Subject: changing the rp-ml

>Hi all,
>I'm reading all the mails about these problem and thinking in all the money
>that are earning some big companys, I think these is the time for speak
>whith him and say "ok we are using your machines and bying, every day, your
>products are your incredible prices so these is time for you to sponsor
>these list".
>Can any one make a list of e-mails of these companys? so every one of us
>e-mail these people telling him the interest of the list and the labour
>Hannu (big work Hannu), has make for these big RP companys all these years.
>Personal off record -->> "ˇˇHee!! people from SolidScape you are reading
>list so you don't have anything to say?.
>B. Regards
> Víctor
>For more information about the rp-ml, see

For more information about the rp-ml, see

For more information about the rp-ml, see

For more information about the rp-ml, see

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