RP service providers in Universities

From: Chris Sutcliffe (c.j.sutcliffe@liverpool.ac.uk)
Date: Wed May 02 2001 - 11:40:21 EEST

test StationeryDear List

In my opinion universities should only be involved in

To a lesser extent Technology transfer

If a company can't see the advantage of using RP or doesn't give RP high
enough budgetary priority to pay commercial rates then RP is either not
applicable or they need education.

Some wise companies have seized on this opportunity and are combining their
need for RP with their need for education. they are doing this by joining
consortia within universities where they get access to both. A clever use
of resource if you ask me and a service which the university sector is
ideally placed to exploit.

I think that there are few commercial service providers who would be able,
or are prepared to offer a prototyping service, an accredited course and do
research in the future of the technology (remember where SLS was first

If you put all this together and don't just look at the fact that service
providers may loose a small percentage of their business to Universities
then you see that Universities have a role to play in the development of RP
as a whole.

I entirely agree that universities should not be subsidising the commercial
work of companies but that is not to say that they should not be selling
time on their machines.

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