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Date: Wed May 02 2001 - 17:24:22 EEST

Dear Michael and List

That right universities aren't commercially focussed enough to compete. So
if they can't compete what is the commercial sector complaining about.
Surely the RP industry is large enough by now to cope with a few cardigan
wearing bearded loons at universities (sorry guys) taking a small share of
the market to pay for the expensive upkeep of their machines.

This small piece of the pie allows the educational sector to maintain a
modern equipment base teaching the future users of service bureaus about RP.
A good thing I'm sure you would agree.

PS I've heard my share of horror stories about commercial companies as

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I'm with you on this opinion. I haven't seen educational organizations yet
that are focused well enough on competition to be effective in that arena.
I have, however, heard stories of agonizing waits for RP services from such
institutions (maybe the institutions assumed RP to mean research

Let's not overlook an opportunity here though. Competition can be a grind,
and it's nice to have something to vent at some times.

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> Not very worried, is how I feel. If they charge below market for
> parts, then they're giving away money, and they'll get tired of that
> pretty soon, just as the rest of us would.

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