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From: Dale Rosema (
Date: Wed May 02 2001 - 19:15:41 EEST

IHS Prototyping was made aware of a local college that was completing a grant
for a machine, but the clause was the no (very limited) amount of commerical
prototyping was to be done with the machine. I also inquired about buying their
access time but the was not permissable. The grant fell through, and the
institution ended up using IHS Prototyping as a prototyping source for CAD
classes. If there is a grant tied to the machine, they may not be able to do
commercial work, if not I am not sure how that works.

Dale Rosema
IHS Prototyping
616.396.8576 wrote:

> I'm bothered by the likelihood that such institutions are using equipment
> that was either donated or sold at a discount by the manufacturer. I
> thought it was a common practice for these institutions to receive
> discounts under the condition that they do not enter the competitive market
> -- but I could be wrong.
> Question -
> How does the rest of the RP-ML feel about a research institute/educational
> facility directly competing against standard service bureaus. It would
> seem
> to be a problem for many firms that do service bureau work as their main
> source of income.
> B. J. Arnold-Feret
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For more information about the rp-ml, see

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