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From: Barbara Jo Mueller (
Date: Wed May 02 2001 - 21:24:40 EEST

 From a University perspective, our most important product and concern is
our students. We feel it important that they be introduced to equipment
and technology that they will encounter when they are on the job. Working
with industry on small rp projects on an industry timely basis keeps us in
tune with what is going on in the real world as well as gives the company
an opportunity to get to know the University, our faculty and
expertise. When we work with a company we hope to build towards a stronger
relationship down the road in sharing know-how and expertise as well as
maintain our equipment. We intentionally keep our services priced as
closely to the SBs as we can, so as not to lure anyone on pricing. This
is our philosophy for industry use of all of our many facilities.


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