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From: Mike Feygin (
Date: Wed May 02 2001 - 13:54:17 EEST

Dear Mr. Efstathios,

Our company Cubic Technologies, Inc. has acquired intellectual property and
know-how for building LOM systems from Helisys, Inc. We have a stock of
spare parts and can provide mirrors that you have inquired about, as well as
other parts and services related to the maintenance of LOM equipment. We
are also manufacturing new LOM systems and provide raw materials for the
current users of LOM equipment.

Michael Feygin, President
Cubic Technologies, Inc
1000 E. Dominguez Street
Carson, CA 90746-3608
Tel: 310-965-0129
Fax: 310-965-0141

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Dear List,

We own a LOM 1015 and we are looking for laser delivery mirrors. Does
anyone know a company which can provide us such mirrors?

Thank you in advance.
Koutras Efstathios

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