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Ah Glenn you've been around here long enough to know not to ask these kind
of questions. What are you trying to do ... set of another rp-ml

This question is like asking what kind of a truck you should buy. What are
you hauling? What fits your style? Budget? What Machine tool? Machining
knowledge and abilities? Wait were those last questions about trucks or

Look around ALOT. TEST ALOT. Most of the popular s/w buys you a wonderful
 hopefully stable ) set of tools with which to generate toolpaths. You had
better know machining though, because none of them will make you a toolmaker
/ machinist.

Be sure you can translate models from all the CAD systems you might want to
communicate with. If you're going to IGES the data in, I GUESS (please grin)
you better be sure IGES works as advertised on both ends of the process
(sending system and receiving system.)

Call me if you have any questions. 914-699-0000 x207

"Thinking that got you into your problems, will not help you get out of
them" paraphrase of quote from A. Einstein

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This is a little bit off-topic but it is somehwhat related because it can be
used in a
RP environment:

What is the best CAM program out there for the money (including service and
We plan to do 3-axis machining like die repair and various brackets and
fixtures. Typical materials would be low to high carbon steel, stainless
steel, and titanium. We are currently using AutoCad Mechanical Desktop for
our CAD design work.
So far I've narrowed it down to these four:
1. Mastercam
2. Surfcam
3. Gibbscam
4. Esprit
Any opinions or comments would be very helpful.
Glenn Whiteside

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