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SAN DIEGO, California — Since 1991, CAD/CAM Publishing's Rapid Prototyping
Directory has been the most comprehensive directory of rapid prototyping
equipment makers, material suppliers, and service bureaus. Compiled and
edited by the staff of the Rapid Prototyping Report, the Rapid Prototyping
Directory has been available only in printed form, until now. Beginning with
the 2001 edition, the Rapid Prototyping Directory is being published
exclusively online.

The Web format saves printing costs and natural resources. It also enables
engineers and purchasing agents to search the directory using keywords. For
instance, to find a service provider with stereolithography equipment in
Argentina, enter the keywords “sla” and “argentina,” and the directory will
show the sections in which those words are found. Lastly, the online format
enables the Rapid Prototyping Directory to be updated continuously, instead
of just once a year.

This year's directory includes worldwide listings for 384 rapid prototyping
service bureaus, 29 rapid prototyping equipment manufacturers, 12 materials
suppliers, 14 companies that supply software products for rapid prototyping,
35 rapid prototyping consultants, 70 educational and research institutions,
and 34 foundries that work with patterns produced by rapid prototyping.
There are also sections for laser suppliers, makers of vacuum-casting
machinery, digitizing equipment and services, and other companies offering
services or products related to rapid prototyping. Service bureau
information is particularly difficult to acquire because most service
bureaus are small companies without large advertising budgets and the
leading makers of rapid prototyping equipment do not make public their
customers lists. Yet service bureaus give manufacturers of all types a
low-cost way to try rapid prototyping technologies without major capital
investments in rapid prototyping equipment.

The 2001 Online Rapid Prototyping Directory is free and can be accessed at

Editorial Contacts: Geoff Smith-Moritz, editor (e-mail:, or Steve Wolfe, publisher (e-mail, Rapid Prototyping Report and Rapid Prototyping

The Rapid Prototyping Report may be ordered from: CAD/CAM Publishing, Inc.,
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