Re: Somewhat off topic - Best CAM Program?

From: Wolfram Oldörp (
Date: Sat May 05 2001 - 21:10:14 EEST

Take a look on Delcam and Cimatron products. We are searching for a while,
because we are not so happy with IDEAS Generative Machining. Hope both are
available in US.
kind regards
Wolfram Oldörp

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> Ah Glenn you've been around here long enough to know not to ask these kind
> of questions. What are you trying to do ... set of another rp-ml
> skirmish.....
> This question is like asking what kind of a truck you should buy. What are
> you hauling? What fits your style? Budget? What Machine tool? Machining
> knowledge and abilities? Wait were those last questions about trucks or
> machining.
> Look around ALOT. TEST ALOT. Most of the popular s/w buys you a wonderful
> hopefully stable ) set of tools with which to generate toolpaths. You had
> better know machining though, because none of them will make you a
> / machinist.
> Be sure you can translate models from all the CAD systems you might want
> communicate with. If you're going to IGES the data in, I GUESS (please
> you better be sure IGES works as advertised on both ends of the process
> (sending system and receiving system.)
> Call me if you have any questions. 914-699-0000 x207
> "Thinking that got you into your problems, will not help you get out of
> them" paraphrase of quote from A. Einstein
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> This is a little bit off-topic but it is somehwhat related because it can
> used in a
> RP environment:
> What is the best CAM program out there for the money (including service
> support)?
> We plan to do 3-axis machining like die repair and various brackets and
> fixtures. Typical materials would be low to high carbon steel, stainless
> steel, and titanium. We are currently using AutoCad Mechanical Desktop for
> our CAD design work.
> So far I've narrowed it down to these four:
> 1. Mastercam
> 2. Surfcam
> 3. Gibbscam
> 4. Esprit
> Any opinions or comments would be very helpful.
> Thanks,
> Glenn Whiteside
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