From: Joseph P. Frantz (joe@frantzind.com)
Date: Mon May 07 2001 - 04:15:51 EEST

One last reminder for people attending SME's RP&M '01 show in Cincinnati that want to have personalized RPML/SME promotional molded parts.
We will have 3 different Rapid Tooling inserts molding the RPML Tripod Puzzle graciously donated by the following:
3D Systems - Direct SLA inserts
DTM - RapidSteel 2 inserts
Silhouette Design (Australia) - Bridge Tooling inserts
All the Rapid Tool inserts have a small pocket to accommodate personalized inserts for company's name, your name, logos or whatever. Just walk in with the SLA, SLS or other insert and we will mold the parts with your insert.
The files for the inserts are posted on fantasia.vr.clemson.edu in several
subdirectories so it would be easy to locate and download. The file name is
Final01.zip and includes the following files Ainsert.stl, Binsert.stl and
Pinsert.doc ( the personalized insert design ).

We will be molding the parts in our booth # 332.

For more Info, contact:
Joe Frantz, joe@frantzind.com
Elaine Hunt, elaine.hunt@ces.clemson.edu

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