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Date: Mon May 07 2001 - 07:33:22 EEST

Digital Manufacturing Takes A Giant Leap Forward
May 6, 7:58 PM ET

Digital Jeweler, LLC announces the first ever online Computer Aided
Design(CAD) software for the direct manipulation of jewelry CAD models
for the designing and manufacturing of custom jewelry. This patent
pending method of jewelry creation is made possible by the combination
of several technologies including Rapid Prototyping (RP), rules based
engineering, the internet, and CAD.

While the integration of a CAD software with the internet is itself a
brand new development, knowledge engineering of proper goldsmith
parameters into the CAD models themselves allows the user to create
completely custom jewelry without any skills in the technical areas of
jewelry making or CAD modeling.

According to Digital Jeweler president Steven Pollack, the significance
is both what can be created and who can create it. Manufacturers
typically create master models and molds to support large scale
manufacturing efforts. This places a limitation on the amount of
permutations that can be offered for a single design. In the case of an
engagement ring with a center stone and side stones, an aggressive
manufacturer might offer the same design with 10 different center stone
size variations but without varying the side stone measurements. If
these are to be made available for purchase as both a single metal and
two metal casting, 20 master models and molds must be created. This is
very costly and does not begin to offer the amount of permutations
available within the Digital Jewelertm system. Literally thousands of
possible center stone, side stone, finger size, and metals choice
combinations are possible within a single elastometric model.

Digital Jewelertm is an automated system for the creation of master
models in which the manufacturing data is created at the time of
design. This alleviates the logistical problems and inventory costs
associated with large inventories of molds. Mass customization is
clearly brought to the forefront by this revolutionary technology.

For more information contact:

Steven Pollack
President, Digital Jeweler, LLC
660 Vernon Ave.
Glencoe, IL 60022

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