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Date: Mon May 07 2001 - 13:27:35 EEST


    Things have been very busy and I did not have time to chime in during
all the discussion of possible changes in RP-ML administration.

    But I don't want to be quiet about adding my thanks to those of all the
others. THANK YOU to you and the good people of HUT, from Andre Dolenc on
forward, who have provided this incredible international forum of focused
communication. With all its problems, it has given this industry a sense of
community. It's a place to turn to when we need some information, or to
share an interesting StL file, or occasionally to tell a good joke. You have
used the magic of the Internet to knit together a far-flung band of renegade
scientists and engineers and made us more powerful than we would ever have
been in isolation.

    Seems like we must be coming up on a tenth anniversary some time soon.
Here's to another ten years working together!

Best regards,
Marshall Burns
President, Ennex Corporation
Los Angeles, USA, (310) 397-1314

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> Hello world!
> Things around rp-ml are finally cooling down, and a solution is starting
> find it's form. Now that different people have done their travels etc.
> we've managed to have an 'official change of opinions' , we've reached an
> agreement (not that there's ever been a disagreement here, we just weren't
> able to meet due to travels, work and everything). 'Negotiations' of the
> detalis will go on for a while, but the main thing is that
> rp-ml will continue it's existence _as_is_ (minor changes may take place a
> bit later, most likely the No Attachment Policy -kind of things). Your's
> truly will continue administrating rp-ml, the list will stay in Finland
> it will stay independent and uncommercial, as the financial background is
> secured by Finnish Rapid Prototyping Association - FIRPA.
> As a non-profitable organization FIRPA is the most independent background
> support there is for rp-ml, and thus propably the best way to ensure
> independency of the list. And since Rapid Prototyping is what FIRPA is
> about, rp-ml will get the respect and support it needs to continue it's
> I'd like to thank all of you who stepped forward and offered your support.
> Since your money will not be needed to run rp-ml just now, I suggest that
> you use it to support future events like rp-ml Receptions and such (most
> likely I will not be able to join you @ Cincinnati - my employer will not
> be able to pay my trip, not just yet. But I hope you all have a Great time
> there!).
> And Thank you as well for all the tips and advices. I will do my best to
> develope rp-ml - so keep those ideas coming.
> *** Share and Enjoy! ***
> Yours truly
> Hannu Kaikonen
> aka Rapid Dude

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