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Date: Tue May 08 2001 - 19:30:06 EEST

If you're fooling yourself, so am I - we use SolidView to convert .igs files
to .stl's quite often, with no problems. It was, of course, a plug-in we
paid extra for, so maybe she means the standard version doesn't do it.

-Steve Stewart
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  Hi all - I currently use Solid View PRO 3.55 w/IGS. I have routinely taken
  customers IGS files & generated an STL file (File| Save). I've had many
  built by a wide variety of SBs.

  Conversely, I've also noticed that I could take a STL file & convert it
  an IGS file (File|Save Object As| IGES Files). Both seem to work.

  Recently though, an engineer told me that Solid View can do neither
  conversion. Is she right & have I been fooling myself for years?


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