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You are both right. If the Iguess module was not purchased, then your
friend can not handle Iguess files. Obviously you can. Personally, I try
to avoid them and perhaps there is some merit in not being able to handle
them at all.
My favorite saying for dealing with some Iguess files is:
"It is like picking specks of fly sh*t out of pepper with boxing gloves on"
S Serna
Morristown, NJ

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I think your "engineer" friend needs to be educated a little bit more.
Solidview will read in a surface iges file and convert it to an STL file. As
you read in the surface iges file, it will open up a dialog window in which
you can modify the tolerances associated with the STL generation. Solidview
will also take an STL file and allow you to save it as an iges file which
will contain tiny little triangle surfaces. I would personally avoid the
iges export unless you enjoy mega files. Also, if your iges file has holes
in it, your stl file will have holes as well. This will cause a problem
building an RP part on a Z-Corp printer but is not as big a deal on a
Thermojet or our CNC machining. I can't speak for any other RP equipment.

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Subject: Question on Solid View software

Hi all - I currently use Solid View PRO 3.55 w/IGS. I have routinely taken
customers IGS files & generated an STL file (File| Save). I've had many jobs

built by a wide variety of SBs.

Conversely, I've also noticed that I could take a STL file & convert it into

an IGS file (File|Save Object As| IGES Files). Both seem to work.

Recently though, an engineer told me that Solid View can do neither
conversion. Is she right & have I been fooling myself for years?


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