Z-corporation's Printer and SLA 250

From: LeChiHieu (msc97245@ait.ac.th)
Date: Wed May 09 2001 - 18:27:43 EEST

Dear List,

3D printer, Z402, from Z-corporation, can print the models with maximum
build volume of 200mm by 250mm by 200 mm (compared to 250mm by 250 mm by
250 mm of SLA 2500 from 3D systems). I have made one RP part by Z-corp
(Z402 printer), the building time is 2.16 hrs, compared to 7-8 hrs by
SLA 2500; and the quality of the RP part is quite good. Related to the
accuracy, Z-printers specify a .05 percent inaccuracy in the x and y
axis, and a 1 percent inaccuracy in the
z axis; and only two different powders can be used for Z402 printers.

However, the cost of SLA 2500s is almost 3 times more expensive than
Z402 printers, so what is your opinion about Z-402 printers. If you have
to buy RP machines, between Z-402 and SLA2500, which one are you going
to buy ?. I also would like to know the opinion of the Z-corp's users
about Z-402 printers.

Many thanks and regards,

Le Chi Hieu

  Doctoral Student & RA
  Medical Technology Project (AIT-K.U.Leuven)
  Industrial Systems Engineering Program.School of
  Advanced Technologies.Asian Institute of Technology.
  P.O.Box 4,Klong Luang Pathumthani 12120.THAILAND
  Email: msc97245@ait.ac.th or LeChi_Hieu@yahoo.com
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