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Date: Thu May 10 2001 - 00:31:40 EEST

Dear List,

Thank you very much for very useful information. Related to our applications, we are going to use RPT for medical applications. We have FDM1600 in house, but it has not worked anymore, and we have to make the medical models from one institute in Thailand, this institute has SLA2500 (not SLA250, sorry for the mistake). I agreed that SLA is a very good option for medical applications, however I was also very impressed with Z-printer, because the fabricating time by Z-printer is very much less than fabricating time by SLA.

Related to the questions that Eric mentioned:

1. What is your application, for the part ?

Medical applications (mainly)

2. What was the total cost involved to build the part ? On each machine ?

The cost for SLA part that we ordered from the institute in Thailand is 500 Bath per Hours of Machining (Total 8-10 Hours for one implant model, and 1 USD = 45 Bath)

3. Did you have the exact same part built on an SLA-250, or SLA-2500 ?

We have the same implant model, one is made by Z-printer and the orther is made by Z-printer, by SLA -2500

4. What was the laser power at the vat of the SLA machine ? 10mW or 100mW ?

I am not sure what was the laser power they used, they said that the total time about 10 Hours.

5. Can you use the Z-corp parts for investment casting purposes ?

Yes, we can use this RP models for making silicon mold or dental stone mold that is used for casting PMMA implants. However, we must be careful with the strength of implants, it is sure that SLA part is much stronger than Z-printer part. In the case of making surgical aid tools, Z-printer will not suitable for direct manufacturing of the tools; however we can use other tooling techniques for solving this problem.

I do agree that when choosing what RP techniques to invest, first of all we must concentrate on the END-USE, and lots of factors involved.

We are in the field of educations, therefore beside the main use is a medical application; we also would like to develop other applications as well as for teaching purpose.

Thank you very much,

Le Chi Hieu

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