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Date: Sat May 12 2001 - 20:12:21 EEST


I have been shipping parts in a polyester fiberfill material available from Wal-Mart. The parts are placed in a 3x3x1 box within the fiberfill. That box is then placed in a larger box with large bubble wrap to isolate the inner box from shock.

The only breakage I have ever had was one item where we had a very long thin sprue. As it turned out we were never did find a way of shipping that part without breakage, after three builds we gave up....

I hope you will also share your summary of information about "blistering" with the rest of the group. How did the oil play a part in your method and what was the consensus of opinions

Steven Adler CEO
Automated 3D Modeling
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  I've heard that using baking soda as a packing material works.
  I haven't tried it myself, yet. I'd imagine you'd have to get a zip-lock bag, Tupperware container, or some other way of preventing the powder from leaking out of the shipping box. Things could get really weird with the postal service if your boxes start leaving a trail of white powder!
  If you've got some spare waxes, try sending them and see how they hold up.
  Then, report back to us if this method works!

  Paul Burr

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    I wanted to thank every one who responded to my query about casting Sanders waxes. We've stopped using the mineral oil and that has stopped the blistering. We're still getting a little flashing though. We think it may be due to sharp angles in my models. Just when you think that precision is a good thing.... Now I have another question. Has anyone come up with a fool-proof way to ship the waxes? I know we can leave the supports on but I would rather not. I prefer that the SB examine the parts before they are shipped. Any suggestions?

    Thank you,

    Cate Minich
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    Lagos, Inc.

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